To remove a subscriber from a Listserv list you manage, follow the steps below.


  1. Visit the LISTSERV Web Interface

    If this is your first logging in you will have to create a LISTSERV password with the "Get a LISTSERV password for this server" link.  You can create a LISTSERV password on your own. This password is independent of any other passwords you may use.

  2. Click on the link Mailing List Management Interface and log in with the email address you use to manage your list(s).
  3. Select the list you wish to manage:
  4. On the left side menu, click Subscriber Management:

  5. Enter an email address or name you want to remove into the Search for Subscribers box, and click Search:

  6. At the top of the page, check Send email notification if you wish for the subscriber to be alerted to his/her removal from the list, or Do Not Notify the User if not:

  7. Click the "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.