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Each division of the University has a divisional file space.  For members of each division, this file space is typically mapped as their V: drive on a University computer running Windows.  It is a collection of shared departmental folders.  When a member of a particular division looks at their divisional space they will only see the departmental folders for which they have been granted access.  So, the view may be different from one person to the next.

Accessing the Space

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Restoring Deleted Files or Folders

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Sharing Files or Folders

Each departmental folder in the divisional file space has been specifically requested by someone in that division who then becomes the Manager/Owner of that departmental folder.  The owner defines the group of UAlbany customers that may access that departmental folder.  The owner may add or remove people from the list over time as needed.  Only those listed in the group may access that folder; others in the division will not have access.  The owner may also request that additional owners be named for that particular departmental folder in order to assist or share the responsibility of managing the security group membership.  Owners may add anyone with a University NetID to the security group; they are not limited to members of that division.  Note that those defined as an ITS CSS Contact for their division have the ability to manage these security groups as well.

Members of the security group for the folder have permissions to read, modify and delete any files in that departmental folder.  The manager for that folder may request a second security group for the folder where the members are granted read-only access to the folder.

Once someone is granted access to a departmental folder in a divisional file space, he/she has the same level of access to every file and subfolder within that departmental folder.  If a different set of people should have access to a particular file or subfolder, then an entirely new departmental folder needs to be requested so that a new security group can be defined.

While departmental folders are intended for file sharing between two or more people, they can easily be used to provide file storage space for a single person in some cases.  That one person would be the only member of the security group.

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