The usual way of accessing a shared mailbox in Outlook is simple but does not provide access to all features and settings in the shared mailbox. Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook as a full Exchange account allows access to all features and settings, such as automatic replies, rules, and saving replies to the shared Sent Items folder.

  1. In Outlook, open the Tools menu and click Accounts
  2. Click the plus sign (+) at the lower left to add a New Account:

  3. In the prompt to Enter your email address, enter the shared mailbox's full e-mail address:
  4. Outlook will try to connect:

  5. Log in with your UAlbany NetID and Password:

  6. Complete your 2-step authentication.
  7. Your account will be added.  Click Done to close the window and use your mailbox.
  8. The account will then be added to your list of accounts and folders in Outlook.