-The only way to record your lecture is on a USB flash drive. Plug it into the Capture HD unit in the control room at the back of the classroom. Now you're ready to record.

-To get started, choose the lecture capture option from the main screen:

-You will then be presented with this menu:

                    Lecture Capture Menu

-Choose which source you'd like to record from the available options.

-The left screen at the rear of the room will show either the “instructor camera” or the “student camera”. You can adjust either of these cameras from the controls found on the right.

                      Presenter Pad

                  Student Microphone

-The right screen at the rear of the room will display whichever content source you are recording from (the source you have last selected will be in blue).

-Note: The audio will record from the instructor station and from any active student microphone unless muted from the controls on the bottom of the touchpanel.

-Recording time depends on the size of your USB flash drive. As a reminder, there is a box showing how much of your session you have left to record on the menu screen. (get average usage rate). 

-Once you ready, hit the "record button".

-Once you have completed recording your session, be sure to remove your USB drive from the equipment rack at the rear of the room.

Wireless Crestron Controller

-Use the wireless controller yourself, or have an assistant help control the touch panel system as you lecture.

-The controls on the wireless controller are the same as those found on the touch panel on the front instructor station.

-Make sure to place it back on the charger at the end of the class.