The classroom technology available in BB-12 is quite extensive. In addition to the typical technology found in other rooms in the Business Building, there is an additional capability that allows you to video conference and lecture capture.

Technology unique to BB-12:

Video Conferencing

All the benefits of traditional video conferencing plus

To schedule a video conference, or to request assistance in conducting one, please refer to this page.

For more detailed information and instruction on how to use video conferencing in the classroom click here.

Lecture Capture

If you want to save your lecture, including any materials presented through the technology in the classroom, you can do so using the lecture capture functionality in the room.

You can

For more detailed information and instruction on how to use lecture capture click here.

Additional Documentation for BB12 can be found here:

Hands-on Training Sessions

Contact the Classroom Technology Support office in LC-27 or call (518) 442-3647 to schedule a one-on-one or group training session on using the equipment in a technology-enhanced classroom. Besides a description of the equipment and instructions in their use, the participants will be given the opportunity to work hands-on with the technology.

Online Instructional Videos

The Classroom Technology Support office has created informative videos to better acquaint the faculty with the equipment in the technology-enhanced classrooms. These short videos provide a brief overview of the different styles of technology in the UAlbany classrooms, as well as, demonstrations of specific equipment. Here are the UAlbany Technology-Enhanced Training videos.

Instructional Documentation

In each classroom, at the lectern, there is a binder with instructional documentation for that specific classroom. The binder also contains general user information such as the software installed on the classroom computers.