Policy Statement:

The University's email system can be used to distribute information to campus groups by specific affiliation (e.g., students, faculty and staff) or all members of the UAlbany community. All broadcast email messages are subject to authorization and approval by a senior executive as specified in the companion document Broadcast Email Procedures and Guidelines for Use.


Broadcast emails are an effective way to convey important information to large segments of the University community. As with all forms of mass communication, broadcast messages must be approved by a senior executive or their designee.


Access to the University's broadcast email service is limited to individuals who have been designated to perform this function by the President, Provost, Vice Presidents or Chief Information Officer (CIO). Each senior executive may authorize access for individuals in their department to approve and/or disseminate broadcast email messages. Only named designees will be given access to this service. Additionally, they are responsible for approving the final text and disseminating all messages.

Information Technology Services (ITS) will create and maintain the distribution groups used to deliver broadcast messages. ITS will provide information to all designees regarding best practices for use of this service.


ITS shall establish guidelines as appropriate for the implementation of this policy. This information is in the Broadcast Email Procedures and Guidelines for Use document.

Adopted: March 2006
Last Reviewed: June 2022