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Latest News:  The Steering Committee met and was charged by Interim President Philip on June 24, 2008.  Minutes of this and other meetings available at right from the Self-Study Steering Committee link within the Committees section.

Immediate next steps:  Subcommittee chairs are asked to pull their working groups together (remotely or in-person) to review their respective charges and charge questions/issues by July 25.  The subcommittee charges and the questions/issues they refine are critical to meeting MSCHE's standards of accreditation and are the heart of the Self-Study design.   

The current draft Self-Study design is available at right under the Resource Center section.  Each subcommittee's charge and charge questions are also available within their home page, accessible from the Committees' menu at right.  In addition to review by each subcommittee, all members of the university community are invited to review these charges and questions/issues, to comment on them, and to suggest additional areas to address within the Self-Study, as they relate to the MSCHE standards of accreditation.

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Self-Study Steering Committee
Mission and Goals, Planning, Resource Allocation...-
Institutional Resources-
Leadership and Governance, Administration-
Institutional and Student Learning Assessment-
Student Admissions and Retention-
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The Self-Study Document Itself:
DRAFT UAlbany Self-Study design
Middle States self-study guidelines
Resource doc for Creating a Useful Process and Report

Recent Accreditation Reports and Campus Response Documents:
2000 UA Middle States Self-Study
Accreditation Review Team Evaluation Report (2000)
2005 Periodic Review Report (PRR) to MSCHE
External Review Reports of the 2005 PRR
Campus Response to the 2005 External Review Reports

Current UA Mission and Goals
Mission Statement (1992)
Statement of Strategic Goals and Values (1998)
SUNY Mission Review II (2006)
Draft University Goals and Priorities (2006)

Electronic Document Inventory:
Electronic Document Inventory - Main (avail only to Self-Study team members)