Inventory of Primary Support Documents
Please note: Additional and detailed documentation is provided on the document inventory of each specific subcommittee
Middle States Standards of Accreditation
1 Mission, Goals, and Objectives 2 Planning, Resource Allocation and Institutional Renewal 3 Institutional Resources 4 Leadership and Governance 5 Administration6 Integrity 7 Institutional Assessment 8 Student Admissions 9 Student Support Services10 Faculty 11 Educational Offerings 12 General Education 13 Related Educational Activities 14 Assessment of Student Learning
Documents for Review, and Accreditation Standard Relevance1234567891011121314
UAlbany Mission Statement (1992)
Strategic Plan (1998)
Organization Chart
Enrollment Statistics and Student Profiles
5-Year Enrollment Plan (2010 - 2014)
Composition and Committee Structure of the University Council
SUNY Mission Review II (2006)
Draft University Goals and Priorities (2006)
Divisional and School/College Strategic Plans
Compact Plans Overview Information
Divisional and School/College Compact Plans
Facilities Master Plan
University Website
IPEDS Finance Reports
Year in Review - Annual Report
Instructions for Developing and Submitting Budgets
2000 Self-Study
2000 Evaluation Team Report
2005 Periodic Review Report (PRR)
2005 PRR External Review Report
2005 PRR UAlbany Response to External Review Report
Most Recent MSCHE Annual Institutional Profile (AIP)
MSCHE Publications - Characteristics of Excellence, Designs for Excellence
Academic Program Self-Study Reports
External Reviews of Program Self-Studies
Council on Academic Assessment Reports
Departmental Responses to External Reports
School/College Annual Assessment Reports, and Departmental Assessment Templates
NCAA Academic Performance Program Data Review (2010)
NCAA Certification Self Study (2002) [Introduction and Academic Integrity sections]
Policies of the Board of Trustees
Faculty Handbook
Student Handbook
Annual Security Report
Student Right to Know Web Page
University Senate Charter
University Senate Bylaws
School/College Faculty Bylaws
Administrative Procedures for the Preparation of Recommendations for Promotions and Continuing Appointment
Guidelines for Consideration of New Faculty for Continuing Appointment
Guidelines for the Appointment of Part-Time Faculty Members
Policy Statement on Sabbatical Leaves
Human Resources Management Policies and Procedures
Undergraduate Bulletin
Graduate Bulletin
Re-Accreditation Survey Results
Survey Activity Log - 2000 thru 2009
Research Report No. 27: "2009 SUNY Student Opinion Survey: Report on Trends and Key Findings." (December 2009)
Research Report No. 26: "Graduate Student Assessment Survey, 2008: Report on Key Findings." (December 2009)
Executive Summary of the Spring 2008 NSSE Results (December 2009)
Report of the First Year Experience Task Force (September 2009)
Research Report No. 25: "Survey of May and August 2007 Bachelor's Degree Recipients." (August 2008)
Executive Summary of the Spring 2006 Student Opinion Survey (July 2007)
Report of the UAlbany Task Force on Undergraduate Writing Instruction (June 2007)
Executive Summary of the 2003 SUNY Student Opinion Survey Results
Research Report No. 24: "An Outcomes-Driven Program of Academic Advisement." (July 2002)
Research Report No. 23: "Report on the Spring 2001 Presidential Scholars Web-based Survey." (July 2001)
Executive Summary of the 2000 SUNY Student Opinion Survey Results
Student Success Assessment Reports and Assorted Survey Findings
Senate Councils and Committees
Agendas and Minutes Archive
Senate Legislation, 1966 thru Present
Senate Webpage