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DRAFT Subcommittee Charge and Questions/Issues Under Consideration

Subcommittee on Related Educational Activities  

Fundamental charge: This subcommittee will determine 1) the extent to which all related educational activities support the mission and goals of the university; 2) if sufficient mechanisms are in place to demonstrate that activities contain sufficient content, rigor and depth in accordance with their purpose; and 3) whether they relate to and enhance the core educational offerings of the university.

Charge Questions:

  1. How are related educational activities defined at UAlbany?
  2. How well do the related educational activities support the mission and goals of the university?
  3. How does the university determine that its related educational activities are appropriate for its particular student population?
  4. What mechanisms are in place to assess the appropriateness, scope and rigor of related educational activities, and how effective are these mechanisms?
  5. How well are related educational activities integrated into the overall educational experience of the student?
  6. How clear are the policies and procedures that govern the introduction and administration of these related activities?
  7. How do related educational activities benefit or enhance program and department core educational offerings?
  8. What mechanisms are in place to identify students that may benefit from or need certain types of related educational activities? How does the university know that the activities are meeting the needs of the students they were designed to meet?
  9. What procedures are in place to determine that related educational activities are offered by qualified faculty or professional staff?
  10. How adequately supported are related educational activities by professional staff, administration, and how adequate are campus resources such as library holdings, meeting space, or access to technology?
  11. How do the goals of related educational activities relate to student learning outcomes? What mechanisms are in place to regularly assess related educational activities, and how effective are these mechanisms?
  12. What impact does the involvement of students in related educational activities have on their academic performance, retention and graduation rates?
  13. If related educational activities are contracted out, how is the institution ensuring academic integrity and consistency with its mission and goals?
  14. What procedures are in place for departments and programs to introduce new related educational activities to meet the changing needs of its students?

Please click to contact Ms. Lisa Trubitt, chair of this subcommitee, to provide input or comments.

Subcommittee Members
  • Lisa Trubitt (chair) - Assistant CIO, Information Technology Services
  • Joseph Aini - Assistant Director, Career Services
  • Barbara Altrock - Assistant Director Professional Staff Personnel Operations, Human Resources Management
  • Jane Domaracki - Staff Associate, Educational & Counseling Psychology
  • Jeffrey Gerken - Assistant Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness
  • Deborah LaFond - Social Sciences Bibliographer, University Libraries
  • Eugene Monaco - Public Service Professor and Executive Director Professional Development Program, Rockefeller College
  • Maria Panayotou - Academic Advisor, Advisement Services Center
  • Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson - Senior Faculty Associate and Director of Clinical Training and Field Experiences, Educational Theory and Practice
  • Christine Smith - Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions Services; Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies
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