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DRAFT Subcommittee Charge and Questions/Issues Under Consideration

Subcommittee on Student Support Services  

Fundamental Charge:  This subcommittee will determine the variety and scope of student support services, as well as examine the degree of access to these programs, coordination, and contribution made by these programs to the academic, personal, and social development and well being of students.

Charge Questions:

  1. To what extent are student support services available, and to what extent do students utilize them? How does the university meet special access needs of, for instance, students who live off campus, transfer students, students with disabilities, international students?
  2. How effective are our methods for informing students of available support services both prior to enrollment and when needs arise?
  3. How does the university assess the effectiveness of support services? How does it determine which services to initiate, enhance, or reduce? Are the methods for coordinating services effective in avoiding duplication or gaps in service?
  4. To what extent do the student support services acknowledge and meet the needs of the university's diverse student population (e.g., international students, older/non-traditional students, graduate students)?
  5. To what extent do the current services exhibit sensitivity to cultural differences and expectations?
  6. What are the services offered for students at academic risk? How effective are these programs in assisting students at academic risk? How are these students identified and notified of services available?
  7. Is there an adequate number of qualified professionals to staff the support services required to serve current and projected student populations?  How does the University determine the appropriate number of necessary staff?
  8. To what extent do the existing physical facilities and technology adequately serve current and projected student populations?
  9. Are the policies and procedures for addressing student complaints and grievances (pertaining to academic or non-academic matters) effective and known to students?  How are these created, updated, assessed and disseminated to students, faculty and professional staff? How are records of student complaints maintained?
  10. Are the safety policies and procedures for the campus accessible and known to students? How effective is the process for notifying students, faculty, and staff of emergency procedures, emergency resources and emergency situations?  Are the policies and procedures appropriate for the size of the campus?  What are the emergency procedures and resources for addressing a wide-impact violent incident or an outbreak of disease?  How are these policies and procedures evaluated?
  11. What is the current availability of campus housing (both on and off)? How does the university determine access to housing?  Do students consider the existing processes for determining housing fair?  What will the University do to address the increasing demand for student housing (on and off campus)?
  12. How effective is the University in working with the community officials and organizations to ensure the safety of students who live in off campus housing?
  13. Are the policies, procedures, and resources available for the initiation and continuation of student-run clubs and organizations regularly assessed and modified, as appropriate? How do such activities support the mission and goals of the University?
  14. Are the policies, procedures, and resources available for the initiation and continuation of recreational, intercollegiate and intramural athletic programs regularly assessed and modified, as appropriate? How do such activities support the mission and goals of the University?

Data available: UAlbany primary and vice presidential organizational charts; Student Success planning and assessment documents; Student Opinion Survey; Academic Support Services operational policies and procedures, and compact plan; Student Association charter and roster of student groups; Admissions Office promotional materials.

Methodologies: This subcommittee will begin its work by categorizing and reviewing available information (e.g., academic services and non-academic services) made available by the division for Student Success, and the Enrollment Management office, which includes the Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions offices.  Interviews with the Student Success leaders about how their offices support student well being and development may also be conducted.

Please click cmcneill@uamail.albany.eduto contact Mr. Clarence McNeal, chair of this subcommitee, to provide input or comments.

Subcommittee Members
  • Clarence McNeill (chair) - Assistant Vice President for Student Success; Director, Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility
  • Joel Bloom - Associate Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness
  • Tracy Bohl - Staff Assistant, Office of International Education
  • Mary Jane Brustman - Head, Dewey Library; Bibliographer for Social Welfare and Criminal Justice , University Libraries
  • Pinka Chatterji - Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Courtney D'Allaird - Student Association Representative
  • Lisa Grippo-Gardner - Lecturer, Educational and Counseling Psychology
  • Karen Kettlewell - Assistant Executive Director, University Auxiliary Services
  • Kelly Lamb - Transfer Experience Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Martin Manjak - Information Security Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Suzanne Phillips - Director, Advisement Servcies Center
  • Daniel Smith - Assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs; Director of Student Services, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
  • Dianne Villar - Residence Hall Director, Student Success
  • Benjamin Weaver - Assistant to the Provost, Academic Affairs
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SSS Documents: Resources for the Student Support Services subcommittee

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