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The following help article outlines how to access and use Access Services's curbside pickup calendar on the Spaces Tab of LibCal.

Accessing the Curbside Pickup Calendar

  1. Log in to LibApps ( using your email and password.

  2. Select LibCal from the LibApps drop-down menu located in the menu ribbon (upper, left-hand screen).

  3. Select Spaces from the menu ribbon.

  4. Click on the drop-down menu and select Contacless Pickup

  5. Click on the Confirmed Bookings Tab to pull up the Monthly Calendar.

Monitoring/Printing appointments for curbside pickup

  1. Select the Agenda display (right side of the screen) to limit the calendar display to the current week.

  2. Hover over the appointment blocks to see the patron's name.
    1. Only confirmed bookings will display on this calendar.

  3. To Print an appointment:
    1. Click on the Booking Explorer tab.
    2. Click on the date range and select Today. Click Go.

    3. You'll see a list of confirmed bookings for the day so far.
    4. Click on the booking ID link for the appointment you'd like to print.
    5. A pop-up will show with details for the appointment. 
    6. Shortcut CTR + P to print the appointment information.

  4. Pull materials from the hold shelf and place them with the printed reservation information on the service desk so they're ready ahead of the patron's scheduled pickup time.

Creating appointments for curbside pickup

There may be instances when a patron either calls or shows up last minute asking for an appointment to pickup their materials. You'll need to manually create an appointment for the patron.

  1. Click on the Booking Grid & Availability tab. Use the default options and click Go.

  2. The booking grid will display with the current week along a scrollable schedule. Today's available time slots are displayed based on the legend.
    1. Click on Go to Date to select the patron's desired pickup date.
    2. Use the scroll bar to reach the desired time slot. 
    3. Click the available time slot.
    4. Click on Submit Times
    5. Enter the Patron's details and click on the box to send a confirmation email to the user.
    6. Click on Add Booking.

    Optional: Complete Booking Form Questions

    Note: There is a space for patrons to add optional notes with information about their pickup. There is also a field reserved for when patrons book to pickup IMC equipment by clicking on the Yes box.