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When a patron requests an item for pick-up during COVID-19 PAUSE

Step-by-step guide

  1. Pulling materials from shelves

    • Staff members wash hands, wear mask and gloves 
    • Staff pull items from shelves
    • Items go on hold shelves or to LI-125 for ILL processing
  2. Hold request

    • Materials requested via Primo/phone/email
    • Pull slips print at ULIB
    • Staff pull items, scan in items in Alma, place hold slips in items
    • materials go on hold shelf
  3. Pick-up
    • Patron receives email with link to schedule pickup date/time (LibCal)
    • Supervisor monitors LibCal; shares info with staff.
    • Staff member monitoring phones at assigned time to take calls for scheduled pickups.
    • patron comes to library entrance, waits at purple "X" (does not enter building), calls circulation and informs staff they have arrived for pickup
    • Staff member explains process to user: will check out items, material will be wheeled out on book truck, patron may grab items when staff re-enter the building
    • Staff pulls materials from hold shelf, checks out to patron
    • Staff member exits library, with checked out items on cart, and returns to building.
    • Patron grabs materials when staff member re-enters building.
    • Staff member grabs book truck after patron leaves, wipes down with cleaner, and brings book truck back in.

 Messaging that is going on website

The University Libraries are excited to provide our users with access to our physical collections through a “curbside” pickup service beginning July 6. 


Library users can request materials using the Libraries’ search tool ( Staff members will pull requested materials and notify users via email when requested items are available for pickup. The email notification will include a link that users can then click to schedule a date and time to pick up materials at the University Library.


When picking up materials, we ask that users follow these steps for a smooth interaction that maintains the health, safety, and well-being of both our staff and users:

  • Please arrive on-time during your 15-minute scheduled pickup window. Pickup times are spaced out to avoid crowding and limit personal interactions.
  • Users must wear a mask when picking up materials.
  • Call library staff (518-442-3569) when you are at the University Library’s entrance doors, give the staff member your name, and let them know that you are picking up materials. The staff member will walk you through the entire pickup procedure while on the phone.
  • A library staff member will check out materials to you and bring them to the front door.
  • Please hold up your SUNY Card or photo ID card to the window so the staff member can verify items are being picked up by the user to whom they are checked out
  • Step back from the door and stand behind the tape line for material pickups.
  • The staff member will bring materials out on a cart and return to the library.
  • Once the staff member is inside the library, please retrieve your materials from the cart.


We ask that users limit their pickup appointments to one visit per week to limit interaction with library staff members and enable all members of the university community the opportunity to pick up materials. If you are returning materials to the library, please remember to use the outdoor book return located in front of the University Library. Please do not place returns on the cart that staff members are using to bring materials to users, and do not hand returns to staff members.


If you are picking up multiple items, please consider bringing a reusable bag or backpack. The Libraries are not able to provide bags to users at this time.


Please contact us with any questions you may have about this service by emailing Need help finding materials? Chat with a librarian by visiting our Web site (

Phone Call Script

When answering a call from a user ready to pick up their items, please use the following script:

Hi may I have your name please.

It may take a few moments to retrieve your books and check them out to you so please remain in the designated purple "X" until we have completed the process.

Staff will bring out your books to the door. Please wait until staff have returned to the building and closed the door before retrieving your books.

Do you have any questions? 

Thank you for your patience.

UAlbany Loaner Laptop - Pick-up / Drop-off procedures

UAlbany Loaner Laptop - Pick-up / Drop-off procedures

(Laptop Pick-up) 

Indicates the user will be arriving at their appointed time to collect a laptop that has been assigned to them. Laptops will be stored in the old Lost & Found drawers near the Front Desk. Please locate their assigned laptop with their name posted on the cardboard box and hand it off via our current curbside pick-up procedures. Verify the student's identity by checking their ID card.

 Screen-snip of LibCal appointment indicated user's name and type of laptop transaction

(Laptop Drop-off)

Indicates the user will be arriving at their appointed time to return a laptop that was assigned to them. Verify that the laptop is being returned in its original cardboard box along with the included charger brick, charger cable and instruction manual. Request the user to place the laptop on the cart located at the Library Entrance and to wait at the curbside stanchions until you are able to collect the laptop.

Screen-snip of LibCal appointment indicated user's name and type of laptop transaction