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  • Missing Book Report for Claimed Returned/Never Borrowed Items
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General Information

  • When library patrons believe they have returned an item to the library, or believe they never borrowed a particular item, a Missing Book Report is completed. In either case, a Missing Book Report can be completed by the patron, or a staff person on their behalf,
  • Items are then searched for 14 days within the libraries. If the item is found, it is checked in, and the process ends.  If the item is not located, it is ultimately the responsibility of the patron to pay for the replacement of the item, and any applicable library fines and/or fees. 
  • The library provides the patron with an additional 14 days, after searching for the item, to replace the book at their cost and pay any applicable fine and/or fee, or the library can bill the patron for the replacement cost, processing fee, and applicable fines. 
  • Missing Book Reports are located behind the circulation desk at each library. 
  • Patrons have the right to Appeal an invoice associated with a Missing Book Report.

Completing the Missing Book Report

Reports can completed with patrons at the circulation desk, or by staff who receive emails or phone calls relevant to items that are Claimed Returned or Claimed Never Borrowed. Generally staff fill in the form.

  1. Select the appropriate box, Claims Returned, or Claims Never Borrowed
  2. Enter the Item Information, including, title, author, call number, and barcode
  3. Enter Additional Information, which can include when and where the book was believed to have been returned
  4. Enter Patron Information, including name, email address, ID number (Albany ID, or library barcode)
  5. Complete the Reporting Staff area of the form
    1. how the report was taken, in person, via email, or over the phone
    2. Form received by- staff initials and date
  6. Place the completed form in the same collection bin used for Patron Registration Forms, and Appeals

Processing the Missing Book Report

Billing Unit staff retrieve completed forms from the collection bin and process

  1. Information about the item is verified in ALEPH
    1. Is the item checked out to the patron- circle Y or N
    2. Enter the due date of the item on the form
  2. Change the Item Status to Claimed Returned
    1. Select Loans from the Patron Activity list in the patron's ALEPH record
    2. Select the Claim Return button on the right of the screen
    3. Enter staff initials on the Missing Book Report, indicating the status has been changed
  3. Initial patron email, explaining the Missing Book Report process, including the search period, replacement period, and their responsibility if the item is not located.  Ask that they search for the item in the event it was overlooked.

Searching for Items

  1. Search for the item in the stacks
    1. Circle Y if found on the shelf, or N if item was not found
    2. Enter Staff Initials and the Date of the search
    3. Fill in the 14 Day Search Deadline date'
    4. Search for the item every day or 2 in the stacks, on book trucks, and pre-shelving, and place the date on the bottom of 
  2. Send patron follow-up email, explaining if the books was found or not found
    1. If found, the process is complete and erroneous fines/fees/book costs are waived
    2. If not found, explain the option to replace the book at their cost within 14 days, or the option for the library to bill