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If a lost item is returned to the Circulation Desk, staff should make sure it is in a secure location until the item can be returned to its owner. The most common items turned in to Lost & Found are SUNYcards, phone and laptop chargers, and keys, but occasionally other valuable items are turned in as well, including:

  • wallets, credit cards, cash, jewelry, phones, laptops, text books, clothing

General Information

Each library should have a Lost & Found cabinet that can lock and a binder to log the lost items into. 

We do this to ensure the safety of the valuables as they wait to be claimed, as well as to have documentation attached to the item so that we know who put it into Lost & Found, what the item is, and who picked the item up. 

If possible, patrons should be called over the intercom or emailed to be informed that the circulation desk has their item. 

The Lost & Founds are behind the circ desks at the Main, Science, and Dewey libraries.

Only use the intercom to call a patron's name. Do not announce over the intercom what the missing item is, particularly if it is valuable. 

Announcement Script

"(INSERT NAME) please come to the circulation desk. (INSERT NAME) please come to the circulation desk."

Email Script

Subject: Re: include description of item that was found (ex. Re: Lost SunyID)

Body: Your (ITEM) was turned in to the (ENTER LIBRARY HERE) circulation desk on the (ENTER UPTOWN OR DOWNTOWN CAMPUS HERE).  To claim the item, please come to the library any time between (LIBRARY HOURS) with proof of your identity, such as your license, if possible. If you need further clarifications or have any questions, please feel free to call the circulation desk at (ENTER LIBRARY NUMBER HERE).