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General Policies

  • The library no longer charges fines for late library books

Making Change

  1. Press the “CLERK” key, enter your clerk number, and press the “CLERK” key again.

  2. Press the “NO SALE” key, and the drawer will open.

  3. Make appropriate change, and then close the drawer.

Taking a Payment

Beginning to take a payment:  

Payments are not accepted at the library for fines, fees, and lost material, but there are exceptions to the rule. Payments are taken for community borrower library cards, lost Interlibrary loan items from other libraries, the Standish Room, and for Special Collections photocopies.  Other exceptions may occur on a case by case basis.

  1. Press the “CLERK” button, enter your clerk number, and press the “CLERK” button again
  2. Enter the dollar amount of the transaction (without using the decimal point) and press the appropriate category button. $10.50 should be entered 1050.
    • Category buttons include
      • Fines 1
      • Lost 4
      • Library Card 6
      • Photocopies 8
Taking a Cash payment:
  1. Enter the amount of cash given, and press the “CASH” key.  Provide the user with the correct change, indicated by the register.

Taking a Check or Credit Card payment in person:
  1. Run the payment(credit card/debit card) through the Credit Card Machine before you do anything with the Cash Register
  2. Enter the amount of the payment, and press either the “CK” button for a check, or the “CHG” button for charge
  3. In the upper left corner mark the check or charge with the category of the transaction and your initials. Example:  “LAC 1” for a fine
  4. Stamp checks with the “For Deposit Only” stamp on the back, in the endorsement area
  5. Place charges and checks in the upper left compartment of the cash drawer, then close the drawer.
Taking a Credit Card payment over the phone or for Special Collections:
  1. Select- Phone Order
  2. Enter the amount of the charge,  press the green “enter” button
  3. Sale- select yes
  4. Card Entry/Acct. #- enter the full card number, press the green button
  5. Card Expire- enter the 4 digit date on the card- press the green button
  6. Phone Order- Select yes
  7. V-Code- press the green button
  8. Code Present- select no
  9. Address- press the green button
  10. Zip Code- press the green button
  11. The charge machine will begin the process, and then print a Merchant Copy of the receipt.  Rip off the receipt.
  12. Select yes to print a Customer Copy of the receipt, rip it off, or no if the patron does not want one.
  13. Staple the Merchant Copy from the Credit Card Machine together and write Roman Number I for fines, or II for photocopies on the upper left corner of the charge slip, along with your initial.
  14. Ring the sale into the cash register
  15. The Customer Copy of the charge receipt is either mailed to the patron or given to Special Collections.

Running the Cash Register X report

  1. Press the “CLERK” button, enter your clerk number, and press the “CLERK” button again.
  2. Place the VOID key into the keyhole on the register, and turn it clockwise to the X position.
  3. Press 1 and then the Subtotal button.  The register drawer will open, and the X report will run.
  4. Close the register drawer, and tear the X report from the register.