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CAS Computing merged with ITS on October 1, 2021

In Fall 2020, the Office of the Provost asked the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean's Office to explore integrating CAS Computing into ITS. For several months, there were extensive discussions between the College and ITS focused on how the service provided by CAS Computing would be maintained within the ITS infrastructure. After much analysis and deliberation, all parties agreed to move this initiative forward. ITS committed to providing the College with service that is at least equivalent to what they received from CAS Computing.

Effective October 1, 2021, CAS Computing staff merged with ITS. All College technology support is now provided through the ITS Service Desk. The CAS Dean's Office and ITS will continue to work closely to address any remaining questions, service gaps, or other concerns. 

Getting Help from ITS 

  • Effective October 1, all requests for service should be submitted to the ITS Service Desk.
  • Effective October 1, all requests for desktop support are assigned to the ITS Field Support Group. Any member of that team of IT professionals may respond to your request. It may occasionally be a former CAS Computing staff member. It will not always be the same person. 
  • Any outstanding requests sent to CAS Computing before October 1 are automatically reassigned to the ITS Service Desk for resolution.

Desktop and Mobile Device Support and Procurement Services

The CAS Dean's office will continue the CAS Computer Replacement Program (CCRP) for Departments as funds allow. In her new role as the manager of Desktop and Mobile Computing, Helen Strother will be developing standards and guidance for the CCRP, new faculty, and the campus community.

Classroom and Conference Room Support

ITS classroom and conference support across campus is handled by the ITS Field Support Group, a team of IT professionals ready to offer hands-on assistance. Whenever classes are in session, classroom support is offered Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM and Fridays 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM through the ITS Service Desk.  

CAS Computing Staff 

All CAS Computing staff have been integrated into ITS.

 Click here for CAS Computing staff assignments.
  • Helen Strother is now serving as Manager, Desktop and Mobile Computing, reporting to Debora Cheney. This key management position oversees desktop and mobile device support, and software compliance and distribution. Helen supervises the Endpoint Management Group and resides in the Information Technology Building (ITB).
  • Mark Bryan, Paul Farrell and Dave Huffy are members of the Field Support Group, reporting to Kyle Pulliam. They have relocated with ITS staff in the LC-SB area.
  • Adam Cowie has joined the Endpoint Management Group and continues reporting to Helen Strother. He has moved to ITB. 
  • Xiaonong Zhang retired from the University on August 16, 2021. A search for a Research Technology Analyst is underway to fill this vacancy.


 Click here for frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: What changes on October 1?
A: Beginning on this date, all technology services and support will be provided by ITS.

Q: What happens to any requests for service I had with CAS Computing?
A: Any tickets that were opened with CAS Computing before October 1 have been reassigned to ITS. No action needs to be taken by members of the College community. ITS will contact individuals with new a ticket/reference number and work with former CAS Computing staff, if needed, to assure all outstanding requests are addressed.

Q: After October 1, can I still call my CAS Computing support person or get help from CAS Computing?
A: After October 1, all requests should go to the ITS Service Desk, where your request will be assigned to the appropriate team.

Q: What if I have special IT needs that ITS staff do not understand?
A: CAS Computing and ITS staff will work closely to make sure these needs are met. These cross-training measures will increase the number of staff who can respond to your request, and leverage collective knowledge.  

Q: What happened to CAS Computing staff? Did any of them losing their job?
A: All CAS Computing were incorporated into ITS, assigned to groups where their unique knowledge and skills will be most useful. 

Q: Can I still "drop by" and get a problem solved?
A: Visit the ITS Service Desk, located in the University Library. You may also email, call (518) 442-3700 or submit a Service Desk request

Q; Does ITS offer any self-service information?
A: Visit the ITS askIT Knowledgebase to find answers to questions, instructions, and troubleshooting information. 


 Click here to learn more about the benefits of the merger.
  • The combined organization will benefit from the collective knowledge of both groups.
    • CAS Computing expertise in Macs and desktop support in research labs will elevate support in these areas.
    • CAS conference rooms and classrooms will benefit from ITS' well-developed A/V technology delivery and support. 
  • Extended hours of support for classrooms will occur whenever classes are in session
  • The ITS Service Desk provides a single point of contact, eliminating any confusion over who handles a request.
  • A consistent technology experience for all members of the campus community, and greater transparency on the state of information security at the University
  • Support provided by multiple, structured service delivery teams rather than a single individual
  • An efficient, effective use of personnel and budgetary resources
  • Increased professional development and growth opportunities within a larger, diverse organization

Technology Support

ITS Service Desk
(518) 442-3700 | | University Library
Hours of Service
ITS Website

Share Concerns and Issues

Assistant Dean Elizabeth Gaffney is the CAS/Academic Affairs point person for the transition. All input from the College community is welcome.

Email CASComp Transition to ITS Feedback or call (518) 442-4651

Transition Communications and Documents 

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