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For some reason when I created a document in MS Word using Times New Roman, then converted it to a .pdf, the font in Perusall changed to something quite different and hard to read, i.e., the kerning was all screwed up and squished. In Adobe it looked fine, but not in Perusall. This happened with multiple documents. I changed the font in MS Word to Baskerville, and now the .pdf in Perusall looks fine.

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  1. I think this came up in discussions before the wiki was created, but I thought I would add it here for future reference. There is another occasional glitch with the Perusall handling of PDFs. In a number of cases. I created PDF files using a scanner and then ran OCR on them to make them searchable. The Perusall highlighting system occasionally has trouble locating the underlying text, which confuses students because, in their words, "Perusall won't let them highlight the text they want to comment on." The work around is to use the "Annotate Figure" function (accessed via the menu at the top of the open assignment). This allows them to choose a portion of the PDF image and add annotation to that visual selection. It might be worth mentioning this to the students because, in at least one case, a student used the "Notes" function (among the right-side menu options) as a work around, which isn't useful for this. The Annotate Figure comments enter the Perusall scoring system, but the "notes" do not count in the scoring.