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Accessing Appointments in LibCal

Making an Appointment

Pick-up Options


Materials Not Picked Up 

Loaner Laptop Procedures at University Library (seperate page)

Library patrons have two options for accessing library materials, as they are not allowed to retrieve items from the library stacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrons must request library items through Primo or ILLiad. After the materials are pulled from our shelves or processed from mailing, we coordinate with the patron to check them out. The following guide is how to check the LibCal schedule and hand the library materials off.

Accessing Appointments in LibCal

  1. To access LibCal, click on LibCal link at libstaff/ portal or go to and log in when prompted

  2. Click ‘Event Calendars’ tab at top of webpage

  3. Click library location from left column of links (the right column links are to patron-facing booking app)

  4. Whether on the 'Day' or 'Agenda' tab, make sure correct date is displayed

  5. Hover over appropriate time slot for a quick-view of appointment registrations, click time slot to open events for that time slot

  6. Click ‘Manage Event’ at bottom of dialogue box to see the patrons registered for that time slot

Making an Appontment

  1. Patron Initiated
    1. Patron follows link in email to schedule pick-up appointment during set time blocks.
    2. Limited appointments can be scheduled for one time block (currently 25).
    3. Time block scheduling ends two hours prior to a given time block (ex; patrons have until 1 pm to schedule to pick up at 3 pm) except for the last shift of the day, which ends one hour prior.

  2. Staff Created: in case someone calls needing help add/deleting an appointment, we can add/delete for them
    1. Go to LibCal → 'Event Calendars' → appropriate appointment time → 'Manage Events'
    2. From here, you can add, modify, or delete appointments

Pick-up Options

  1. Curbside Pick-up
    1. Patron comes to library entrance, waits at purple "X" (does not enter building), calls circulation and informs staff they have arrived for pickup
    2. Staff member reads script to explain process to user: will check out items, material will be wheeled out on book truck, patron may grab items when staff re-enter the building
    3. Staff pulls materials from hold shelf, checks out to patron, desensitizes item
    4. Staff member leaves checked out items on cart, and returns to building.
    5. Patron grabs materials when staff member re-enters building.
    6. Staff member grabs book truck after patron leaves, wipes down with cleaner.

Note: Curbside Pick-up items should not be checked out to patrons or removed from hold shelf prior to patron arrival.

  1. Contactless Pick-up
    1. Staff member monitors LibCal appointments by assigned time blocks

    2. Staff member pulls all items from hold shelf for patrons who have made appointments during one time block

    3. Staff member checks items out to corresponding patrons in Alma, hits ‘Done’ so that receipt is emailed to patron, desensitizes items

    4. Staff member writes initials of patron on the hold slip next to the ID #, then cuts off top of slip so that patron name is not showing


    5. Staff member puts items in the designated pick-up location

    6. Patrons enter library, pick up their items from the pick-up location, no further interactions are needed


Website link for public information:

Phone Call Script

When answering a call from a user ready to pick up their items, please use the following script:

Hi may I have your name please.

It may take a few moments to retrieve your books and check them out to you so please remain in the designated purple "X" until we have completed the process.

Staff will bring out your books to the door. Please wait until staff have returned to the building and closed the door before retrieving your books.

Do you have any questions? 

Thank you for your patience.

Materials Not Picked Up

There may be remaining materials at closing that were not picked up by contactless patrons. All remaining items should be moved to the none-pickup-area.

If items remain at closing:

  1. do not check the items back in, as this will remove the item and request from the patron account. 
  2. count two weeks from the missed appointment date and write the new date on the slip in the item. this new date is the expiration date.
  3. when the expiration date passes, staff remove items from hold shelf and return items, regardless of if the items are from our collection or are resource sharing.

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