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This outlines how to access and prepare the Libraries' weekly building rounds statistics.

Step-by-step guide

Access MS Forms results:

  1. Access the building rounds form using the appropriate link
  2. Click open in Excel
  3. Download excel file
  4. Delete all data that fall before or after the week (Sunday - Saturday) examining
  5. Delete columns A - E
  6. Copy any data from Columns C and D (times) to column B (this is after the previous column delete)
  7. Delete columns C and D
  8. Convert columns D and E to numbers
  9. Delete columns F and G
  10. Label column F “Total users in building”
  11. Enter formula in cell F2: “=d2+e2)” and fill down for all of column F
  12. Hide Column D
  13. Total the number of mask interactions during building rounds (sum column E)

Transfer data from MS Form into LibInsights

  1. Access LibInsights:;

  2. log in; select libinsights; click record data; select Service Desk questions from the Go To drop-down menu at top

  3. Migrate data from MS form excel spreadsheet to libinsights:

    1. enter date and time from building round in start date field

    2. Select “Mask Interaction” from the category list

    3. Select appropriate location

    4. enter number of mask issues in # of records to insert box

    5. Click submit

    6. Continue entering data from spreadsheet following above steps.

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