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  1. Go to a website that requires 2-Step Login (Duo) (such as MyUAlbany).

    If you are using the 'Remember Me for 30 days' feature, visit MyUAlbany using a different web browser to receive the 2-Step Login prompt to access your settings.
  2. Enter your NetID and password.

  3. Depending on your current Duo configuration when you are prompted for 2-Step, you may need to click the 'Cancel' button.  If not, see next step.

  4. Scroll down using the bar on the right and check the box to "Remember me for 30 days".

  5. After checking the box, select an option to verify your 2-Step Login.

  6. Close the browser. You will not be prompted to use your 2-Step Login in this browser for the next 30 days.

Remember for 30 Days is not working

If your browser does not allow cookies, you will be unable to "Remember a Device for 30 Days." Instructions for adding an execption to allow cookies from Duo can be found at Remember Devices for 30 Days is not Working