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The newest version of EMS is here!

Space Managers should now use the new "EMS Desktop Client" in place of the old Web Client.

To install the new Desktop Client please perform the following steps

  1. Disable popup blocker for
  2. Go to the following link: EMS Desktop Client Installer - See note below
  3. Download and run the EMSApplication.exe If a dialog box asks you for the EMS Web Deploy configuration URL, enter

Alternate Install Method

  1. Right-Click and save the file linked here: EMSWebDeployConfiguration.cfg, make sure to note the download location
  2. Right-Click and save the file linked here: EMSApplication.exe, make sure to save the file in the same location as the file downloaded in step 1
  3. Navigate on your PC to the download location
  4. Double-click on EMSApplication.exe
  5. If the application asks you for the "EMS Web Deploy configuration URL", enter

EMS Web Deploy Configuration screenshot

Installation Notes

  • The installer will create a new EMS icon on your desktop.
  • To use the Desktop Client, you must be either connected to the UAlbany network or use UAlbany Staff VPN. Feel free to remove any bookmarks you may have to the old Web client as it's no longer in use.


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