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  • What is my NetID, AlbanyID, and PIN?
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Each person at UAlbany has a few key identifiers for their accounts and records, including their NetID, AlbanyID, and PIN. These are described below.


The NetID is sometimes referred to as a username as you will use to log in to UAlbany IT services, including MyUAlbany, IAS, UAlbany Mail, Blackboard, UAlbany WiFi, and campus computers. Active employees and students are assigned a single, unique NetID. The NetID is system generated and cannot be changed.  A NetID is generated with the first and last name initials followed by 6 random digits.

You will obtain your NetID by completing the Password Set/Reset process as the NetID is displayed on the last screen. Memorize your NetID - you will use it often.

Albany ID

Your Albany ID number (also called employee ID or Student ID, or "00 number") is a 9-digit number used to identify you in records.


Your assigned PIN is used to in the account activation/password setting process.


How to Set or Reset Password and Obtain NetID

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.