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  • Bb 9.1 Workshop - Presenting & Organizing Your Content
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Presenting Content



For instructors who have completed the introductory Getting Started workshop or similar orientation training


Face-to-face, hands-on workshop


This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to planning, organizing, and presenting content in the Blackboard Learn™ environment. Participants will first look at how content is organized and presented as they progress through a course as a student. They will view content in Learning Modules sequentially and non-sequentially, as well as view terminology in a Glossary.

Then, turning to the instructor perspective, participants will learn the skills necessary to integrate content and activities in their online courses. They will also learn about the importance of identifying course goals and objectives, how to analyze their audience, and they will explore the use of storyboards to depict the logical organization of their courses. Finally, they will learn the concepts behind web-friendly page design and how to create their own usable and accessible pages. Along the way, they will discuss pedagogical and practical issues related to creating an online course that meets the needs of a broad and diverse audience.

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