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The Duo app can work on your device to send push notifications via wireless or mobile data.  However, the app can still generate passcodes even if you do not have internet access.

Passcodes give you another method to get into your accounts if you have no other devices available.  You can save passcodes in a secure location for future use if you know you will need to verify your login with Duo.  Passcodes never expired but they can only be used once and only used in the order they are created.

How to generate passcodes in the Duo Mobile App

  1. On your device, launch the Duo Mobile App
  2. Tap UAlbany
  3. A passcode is displayed (write it down somewhere safe and secure if intended for future use)
    1.  You can tap the refresh icon to generate another passcode for future use (just be sure to keep track of the order you generate passcodes)

Please note:

  • Passcodes generated from the Duo Mobile app must be used in the order they were created
  • You can generate and write down as many passcodes from the Duo Mobile app as you want - just be sure to use them in order.

Logging in with a passcode

  1. When prompted for two-step verification, click or tap Enter a Passcode
  2. Enter the passcode
  3. Click or tap Log In

If you already used a passcode, Duo will let you know "This passcode has already been used."  You will need to either generate a new passcode or use the next one you have saved.

If you use the passcodes out order, they will be invalidated and you will need to use/generate new codes to get back in sync.


Duo Mobile Privacy Information (link to Duo website)

Recommended method for 2-Step Login using Duo