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titleSkype for Business has been upgraded to Microsoft Teams
Ever wished your team had one central hub to meet, work, share and chat? Now they do! Microsoft Teams is a team workspace in Office 365. It brings together several Microsoft apps in one location

ITS upgraded Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams on June 1, 2020.

What do I need to know about the switch from Skype for Business to Teams?

Review Microsoft's article comparing the two services here.

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place, so your team has easy access to all the tools they need to work effectively

and perform at their peak

. Share files, edit documents, take notes, schedule meetings, chat with the group

... Teams organizes everything in one place to create a dedicated hub for teamwork.Microsoft Teams is an entirely new experience. It is a chat-based collaborative work space in UAlbany Mail (Office 365) which brings together conversations, content, and tools by providing

all right in Teams.  

Microsoft Teams provides the following features:


  • Chat and audio & video web video conferencing with screen sharing: Enjoy public and private conversations with your Teams and colleagues. Integration of Skype video brings Includes popular social features, such as adding emojis and custom memes to your discussion.
  • Audio & Video Calling: Teams provides a simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to chat with your team via text, have a voice conversation, or a video meeting.
  • 1TB OneDrive file storage: Teams creates a SharePoint document library for each Channel in a Team to provide many options for working collaboratively. Beyond simply editing and sharing files, you can select a file and start a new Conversation about it which appears in your Team Channel Conversations tab so other members of your Team can view your comments and replies. File conversations are different from Microsoft Word track changes and comments and are not embedded in the document; conversations are only visible within Teams.
  • OneNote Notebook 
  • SharePoint Team Site
  • Microsoft Planner Plans
  • Embed content from other applications
  • Bots: There are currently about 24 bots with a variety of functionalities available to help increase productivity. There’s the T-Bot, which can answer most basic and frequently asked questions about Teams, Polly Bot for polling co-workers, Statsbot for delivering scheduled reports via sources, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics, and Growbot, which allows the exchange of kudos with your co-workers 
  • OneNote Notebook: Organize and take notes for and with your Team in one central location.
  • SharePoint Team Site: Create an internal website for your Team. 
  • Microsoft Planner Plans: Organize and manage projects within your Team.
  • Highly Customizable: Every Team is unique with differing workflow methods and requirements. Microsoft Teams allows you to tailor your Team and Channels to meet each group's needs. Enable modules to provide updates and notifications from third-party services like BitBucket, GitHub, and Twitter, among others. Make accessing other Office 365 services such as Forms, OneNote, and Planner, just a click of a tab away.


Get started with the Interactive Demo. This guided tour of Teams to will explain how to use the app and teach you about key features:

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linkTextLaunch Interactive Demo

The Microsoft Teams help center offers a great video training series offering a collection of short, usually less than 3 minutes each, video tutorials covering a wide range of Microsoft Teams topics. 

Additional Teams Resources

  • Microsoft Teams Youtube Channel
  • Quick Start
  • Microsoft Teams Help Center
  • Microsoft Teams tips & tricks
  • Microsoft Teams on Mobile Devices
  • Using Planner in Microsoft Teams
  • Using OneNote Staff Notebook in Teams
  • Using Microsoft Teams in the classroom






    • IM (instant message) and share files with your colleagues
    • Reduce travel between buildings/campuses by holding online meetings
    • Interview a job candidate remotely
    • Host a meeting or training with people in your office
    • Keep track of projects, including conversations, files, and plans using Microsoft Planner or Trello for task management
    • Store your procedural documentation in one place that is easily accessed by anyone on your Team
    • IM (instant message) and share files with your colleagues
    • Hold online office hours for students
    • Host online lectures or recitations
    • Host a guest lecturer remotely in your class
    • Build a collaborative Team for your course so students can work together toward a goal
    • IM (instant message) and share files with your colleagues
    • Orchestrate a grant funding submission, using chat, audio, video, and integrations with Microsoft Planner or Trello for task management and collaborative group file storage.
    • IM (instant message) and share files with other students
    • Collaborate on group projects in a private workspace for chat, file collaboration, and online meetings that can instantly form.
    • Connect with professors and teaching assistants during office hours
    • Give a class presentation remotely
    • Hold office hours for a class where you are a teaching assistant
    • Interview remotely for a job
    • Build a platform for Student Clubs and Interest Groups


    All UAlbany Faculty, Staff, and students can use Microsoft Teams to chat/IM, make video or voice calls, manage Teams Meetings, and create/use Teams within the service.  External users may be granted access to be on a Team.


    Using Microsoft Teams

    titleJoin the UAlbany Teams Community of Practice in Microsoft Teams

    This is a UAlbany-hosted Microsoft Teams Team of the people, for the people, and by the people!  Chat with other members of the UAlbany Community about using Teams. Ask questions about others' experiences, share ideas, and discover best practices with Microsoft Teams.

    Click here to join this Team!



    Link window
    linkTextMicrosoft Teams downloads page
    provides a convenient place where you can download Desktop apps for Mac & Windows as well as Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


    Microsoft Teams is available to all UAlbany Faculty, Staff, and Students.  You can use its Chat, File, and voice/video meeting features right "out of the box".  If you would like to create a Team on Microsoft Teams, they are available by request.


    Microsoft provides the following learning resources for using the accessibility features of Teams.

    The Microsoft Teams desktop client will be automatically installed on desktops connected to the UAlbany network starting March 11, 2020.

    Install Microsoft Teams (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS)


    Microsoft offers a unique set of accessibility features to efficiently navigate through Teams.

    The desktop or mobile app version of Microsoft Teams is recommended over the web version. The web version may be difficult to navigate with a screen reader. 


    • Owners per Team100
    • Teams a user can create250
    • Number of members of a Team: 999
    • Chat participants: 20
    • Meeting participants: 80


    UAlbany Teams Usage PolicyMicrosoft Teams Limitations


    Naming of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups


    Microsoft Teams FAQs 

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    Watch a video Introducing Microsoft Teams:

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