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  1. The University and the Solution Provider will determine a secure access identity infrastructure process for the solution, including a unique login identity and password that is encrypted in storage and at rest for account users. When possible, this should always be the University NetID.  The University and Solution Provider will determine the best practices for issuing login accounts, password attributes, password resets, and other access identity management processes using standard industry practices for security and privacy, with the University solely responsible for the final solution decision.  
  2. The University requires that the proposed solution meet University identity access management standards. Login processes can authenticate using one of the following methods.

    1. Single Sign-On for InCommon Federation,

    2. Shibboleth IDP Version 3.3x or higher

    3. Leveraging OAuth through Microsoft Azure

      titlePreferred Authentication
      Solution Provider must indicate whether the firm is a member of the InCommon Federation. If not a member of InCommon, describe the login management process using Shibboleth Version IDP 3.3.x or higher.