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  • Instructions for obtaining Oracle licensed software.

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  1. Contact to begin the process and - in the email let them know who you are, who you are affiliated with and that you will be requesting Oracle software.
  2. Do you already have an Oracle support account? If not you can create one here at "", and then follow the steps below for support access (if you already have an account, skip to step d):
    1. After creating your account, activate it per the confirmation email you will receive.
    2. Update your account information. We strongly recommend that you join OTN (Oracle Technology Network), as it provides a substantial amount of technical content regarding Oracle's complete product line. Please be sure to specify your SUNY employer where indicated. Be sure to fill out all mandatory fields, and click the Confirm button.
    3. You will be directed back to the main website page. Login in to the page with your credentials, and you should be directed to a page which that asks you to specify the Support Identifier ("CSI") to which you are requesting access. You will enter the support identifier and click the Request Access button:
      1. Use CSI #14053756 for access to database technologies
      2. Use CSI #15993512 for access to OEL and OVM
    4. After submitting your request, the CSI number will be confirmed and you will verify the number CSI is valid, then click the next button,
    5. Provide and submit your contact information, if prompted, and agree to the terms of use policy.
    6. Once you submit your request, we will receive an email and approve your access to Oracle support.