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  • Restore Files or Folders on your U: Drive or V: Drive - Windows

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  1. Navigate to the folder that contained the missing folder or file. 
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  2. Position the pointer over a blank space in the folder.
  3. Right-click the mouse and select Properties from the bottom of the menu. 
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  4. Select the Previous Versions tab. 
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  5. Select the version of the folder that contains the file or folder from before it was deleted, and then click Open to see its contents from that particular snapshot. When you are satisfied that this is the version you want, close this window to go back to the screen in the previous step.Choose either Copy
  6. or Restore.
       a. Choosing Copy enables you to copy the old version to another location. Click Copy and then select the folder where you want to copy the item to, then press Copy to complete.
       b. Choosing Restore enables If you would like to restore just a particular file, you can copy the file from the window that popped up and paste it back in the regular folder.
  7. If you would like to restore the entire contents of the folder to that particular backup, close the preview window that popped and up choose Restore.  This enables you to recover everything in a the folder as well as all sub-folders. Be aware that this will overwrite the contents of the existing folder.
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Recovering an overwritten or corrupted file

  1. Right-click the overwritten or corrupted file and click Properties.
  2. Select Previous Versions. Restore previous versions:
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  3. If you want to view the old version to verify integrity, click Open. To copy the old version to another location, click Copy and then select the folder where you want to copy the item to, then press Copy to complete.restore the file, click Restore.  You will be notified that this will replace the current version of the file on the network with the restored version and that cannot be undone:
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