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  1. Log into LibApps ( using your email and password.
  2. Select LibCal from the LibApps drop-down menu located in the menu ribbon (upper, left-hand screen).
  3. Select Events Calendars from the menu ribbon.
  4. Select University Libraries Contactless Pickup Calendar.
  5. Select the Day display (right side of the screen) to limit the calendar display to the current day.
  6. Hover over the individual appointments to determine if users have registered for a pickup time, and look at the information included in the Seats note.
    1. Appointment booked: the appointment will display "Registrations are FULL" OR "1 registration"
    2. No appointment booked: the appointment will display "1 seat left" if the appointment time is open and available, or "no registrations" if the registration window has closed.
  7. Select the individual appointment if the Seats note reads "Registrations are FULL" OR "1 registration" to see patron information for the appointment.
  8. Select the Manage Event button (bottom, left corner of event pop-up) to view appointment information.
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  9. Select Print to print the reservation information.
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  10. Pull materials from the hold shelf and place materials with the printed reservation information on the service desk so materials are ready for pickup ahead of the patron's scheduled pickup time.


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