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WELCOME to the Wiki Page for the SPH Website Re-design Project

This wiki is provided to collect and record comments and suggestions on the SPH's website re-design. 

Note: Anyone in the world can view this Wiki (yes, really). Only members of the website workgroup and others with specific permission can comment--- and they can comment on any page(s). 


To Login: Click the Login link in the upper right corner and use your NetID and password to sign in.

    If you do not login, you will be able to view the contents, but not post your comments.

Our Wiki is set up with 3 topical groups:

  •  SPH Administration (including academics, student affairs, and development)
  •   Academic Departments
  •   Centers

The links to all sections and their component units are located in the panel to the right of the top portion of the page.
Click on the link to the section you are reviewing.  If you want to comment, click the "Add Comment" text,  located in the bottom left corner of the large page. (i.e., usualely the last text above the line indicating the page bottom.)

For additional and more detailed instructions on how to use the Wiki, click here.

Thanks to Mary Anne Waltz for creating this wiki site and instructions !!

The wiki is organized as follows:
SPH Administration
Main Page
Academic programs
Student affairs
Academic Departments

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