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Anything over $500.00 must be tagged including furniture, IT assets, software, etc. Please keep in mind that shipping charges and installation charges are included in the value of an asset.

Some items of value under $500.00 also need to be tagged such as computers, printers, fax machines, scanners and things of that nature as they are “walkable” and are typically items of interest that would be stolen. Additionally, IT will only work on items that have been tagged as University property.

You do not need to tag calculators, staplers, label making machines, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Once you receive an item, take note of the serial number so that it can be included on the form when tagged. It may take some time for Asset Management to come around to tag a new item, but eventually they will. Asset management also performs an inventory audit from time to time to check that all items have been tagged and that all tagged items are located as indicated on the New Asset Receipt Form.


Tagged items also need to be identified if moved, taken off campus, surplused (no longer needed) or scrapped. Please contact your department administrator for information.

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