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Log into the UAlbany Advantage Success Center:
1. Go to
2. Log in using your NetID and password.

**Make sure your home screen is set to "Professor Home"**

On the Professor Home page you can:
1) Record Class Attendance and,
2) Issue an Alert

Course Attendance

Use this space to note if a student has been absent or tardy to class.

Identify absent or tardy students and then just click “Mark Remaining Present” and Save Attendance

Progress Reports
Progress reports are a way to draw attention to a student who may potentially be at-risk in your course. It is information sharing only and does not request, necessarily, that action be taken.
• From the Course Attendance page, click on “Add Progress Report” on the row with the student’s name.

A report will open and prompt you to add reasons for the alert, current grade, and any notes. Progress reports should be utilized to address class specific issues such as attendance, work quality, participation, etc.

Cases and Alerts
Alerts are a way to draw attention to a student who may potentially be at-risk in your class and beyond. Issuing an Alert will open a Case, which will notify appropriate users and request that action be taken.

II. Manage Cases
1. Click the “Cases” icon in the purple bar on the left.
2. Click “Manage Case” next to the case you want to view.
3. You can now view actions that have been taken on this
case, view and add comments, and assign additional
people to the case.
4. When a case has been resolved to your satisfaction,
you may close the case by clicking the red “Close Case”
button at the bottom of the case dialog box.
5. Select “Resolved” from the drop-down menu, then describe how the issue was resolved in the comment box. Click “Submit” to formally close the case.

6. A case can be re-opened if the issue resurfaces. Find the case in the “Closed” tab on the Cases page, then click “Manage Case.” Clicking the red Reopen Case button will allow you to make additional comments and assign more people to this case, and will move it to your “Current” cases tab.