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How can I use CernVM-FS on batch?


CernVM-FS can be accessed on using singularity. Singularity allows users to spawn secure containers, giving them full control over their environment without root privileges. For more information, please see

ITS provides a singularity image that can be run, giving a user access to /cvmfs/ without root. The .def file can be found on github at

How-to: Execute an Interactive Shell in the Image

There are two ways to access the image, from a shared network path, or to pull it down to a directory of your choice. 

  1. Executing a shell from the shared network directory:

    $ singularity exec --bind /network/ /network/rit/misc/software/singularity/images/singularity_cernvmfs.sif parrot_run bash --noprofile --norc
    $ cd /cmvfs/
  2. Pulling the image to a directory of your choice

    $ cd [path/to/your/directory]
    $ singularity pull shub://nschiraldi/singularity:cernvmfs
    $ singularity exec --bind /network/ singularity_cernvmfs.sif parrot_run bash --noprofile --norc
    $ cd /cvmfs/

How-to: Copy Files to my Lab Share

$ singularity run --bind /network/ singularity_cernvmfs.sif cp -R /cvmfs/[path/to/files] /network/rit/lab/[path/in/lab]

Can I create my own image?

 While you cannot build an image on, they can be built via github + singularity-hub ( CI/CD integration, or on a local machine and pushed to singularity-hub, then pulled down to and run, seamlessly. You could also build a docker image on a local machine, upload it to docker-hub, and access it with:

$ singularity run -- bind /network/ docker://path-to-docker-image [cmd] [args]