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Budget Guidelines

Budget guidance for grant submissions can be found here: Grant Budgeting Information


  • 10 TB of shared storage for research groups
  • 10 GB home directory quota
  • Accessible on personal computers and computing infrastructure


  • General purpose high performance computing for researchers
  • Large memory machine for development


  • Grant costing advice
  • Data analytics or visualization guidance
  • Job scheduling, resource optimization
  • Custom Solutions

Research technology offers access to

  • High performance computing, including GPUs
  • 10TB of shared research storage
  • A range of software and applications ready to use
  • Assistance and advice on computing, data analytics, data visualization and programming support
  • Container based application development environments
  • A quick turnaround on technical issues or problems

Why use high performance computing?

HPC is not "just" for the physical or biological sciences, HPC is for everyone! HPC allows you to run multiple jobs in parallel, freeing up your computer for the important tasks like writing manuscripts, grading papers, or reading PDFs. Don't let simple code bog down the rest of your workflow, submit it to the cluster! You also get the added benefit of being able to queue up multiple jobs in parallel, so you don't have to wait for one to finish to run another. For more information on how HPC can help your research workflow, contact

Preparing a grant that will utilize high performance computing?

Whether you need advice on costing, a list of resources available to you, or a letter of support, we are here to help. Contact with your questions.

Have a dataset, and unsure where to start?

All of the information you need to start using our facilities can be found on this wiki. The first step, is to become a registered user. Check out our quick start guide for getting started and browse the How-to Articles for tutorials. Finally, schedule a consultation about our services and how to use them if you are having trouble. If you are new to computing, need help installing a software package, or need help appropriating resources for your jobs, contact

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