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To begin polling the class, the instructor starts the iClicker software and asks students a question. Students press a button (A, B, C, D, or E) that corresponds to the answer options provided. A green light on the clicker indicates that the data has been transmitted.

Awarding Credit for Student Responses

While iClicker can be a beneficial tool for surveying the class anonymously, some instructors award points for responses collected during class. Not all instructors grant credit for polling responses. Check your course syllabus for details.

Registering your iClicker

Since each clicker vote is connected to the remote ID that sent it, each student must register their remote ID in order to receive credit for the vote. The remote ID can then be synchronized with the student name on the class roster. Once synchronized, the votes and associated points will be awarded to the student registered to the corresponding remote ID.

Student must register the remote in order to receive credit for polling responses. There are three methods for registering the remote ID.

  1. Roll-call Registration -- Registration of remote IDs can be conducted in class using the Roll Call feature of iClicker. This can be more useful for smaller class sizes and is generally not advisable for large classes.

  2. Web Registration -- Students link to the iClicker registration website to enter Net ID, name and remote ID in a web form. This data is saved in a database that can be synchronized with the class polling data to monitor how each student is responding. It is the student’s responsibility to register the remote ID. 

    Note: With this registration method the remote can be re-registered an unlimited number of times.  This could be needed if you mis-typed an item when initially registering or if the remote ID displayed on the clicker is incorrect.

  3. Register the remote in your Blackboard course -- If your instructor has enabled this option, click "Register Your i>clicker Remote ID" on your Blackboard Course Menu. Depending how your instructor set it up, you may have to click the “Tools Area” first.