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iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud enables you to conduct polling, quizzing, and track class attendance using GPS technology. You can ask a variety of question types, analyze student performance using a web browser, and have access to an online gradebook. Students participate using mobile devices, laptops, or iClicker remotes.

  • iClicker Cloud is run from the desktop (installed on all classroom instructor computers).

  • Data is stored in the iClicker cloud (web browser to access).

  • You can enable students to use either their own mobile device (subscription fee) or the iClicker remote (bookstore purchase).

Getting Started

  1. Create a free iClicker Cloud instructor account
  2. Create a course
  3. Start Class. Run a Poll


ALL STUDENTS need an iClicker Student Account.
All students register their Net ID in their iClicker student profile.
Students using Remotes also need to register the Remote ID in their iClicker student profile. 
Students using Remotes will not need to purchase a subscription.

iClicker Cloud Student Registration Overview and Resources

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.