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What is iClicker?

iClicker is used to facilitate active learning by enabling student engagement with classroom instruction.  Using iClicker instructors can track attendance, encourage interaction between students, and increase participation.  Students respond to instructor polling questions using their mobile device or a wireless remote device (a “clicker”) that can be purchased through the bookstore.  Student responses are digitally collected and stored in the software, allowing instructors to monitor learning in class sessions and throughout the semester.

There are various ways instructors can leverage iClicker using either of the following methods:

  • iClicker Cloud is a cloud-based software with a desktop application that has been installed on the instructor computer in our classrooms.
  • iClicker Classic is a desktop-based software that is launched from either the instructor laptop or a USB flash drive.

    Compare Cloud and Classic

Regardless of whether the instructor uses Cloud or Classic, instructors can enable students to use either the Reef app on their own mobile device (laptop, tablet, or smart phone) or a clicker remote device.

iClicker - Getting Started

Resources for Instructors

 Getting Started

Schedule a meeting with Dave Mamorella. Dave will show you the iClicker system and help you through the ordering process for the new equipment and software. He will also help you with ordering student clickers through the bookstore.

Use iClicker Classic

Use iClicker Cloud

Resources for Students

iClicker Technical Support

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.