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  • iClicker - Using an iClicker in Multiple Classes
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You can use your iClicker in multiple classes: there's no need to buy one for each class. However, there are a couple scenarios in which you'd need to buy a new iClicker remote for one of your classes: 

  1. If you have an original iClicker or iClicker+, but your instructor requires iClicker 2.
    All of our remotes will work alongside each other, but if your instructor will be asking numeric or alphanumeric questions, or using self-paced polling, you'll need an iClicker 2 to fully participate. The original iClicker and iClicker + have exactly the same functionality and there would never be a reason to purchase an iClicker + if you already have the original remote.

  2. If you purchased iClicker GO, but your instructor requires a physical iClicker remote.
    Your instructor will usually specify on his/her syllabus which iClicker remote is required. Check there before sending him/her an email. If you know you'll need to use iClicker in multiple classes, the iClicker 2 is the safest bet, since it will work no matter which question types your instructor requires.