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You can use iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud.  Each offer different options for how you manage your class as well as how students interact with your class activities.  Regardless of your choice, you can enable students to participate using either their own mobile device or a clicker remote.  Both Cloud and Classic connect with Blackboard for easy integration of grade data.

 Data Driven Reasons to Try Active Learning
Infographic and link to document about how iClicker supports Active Learning
Did you know 100% of instructors believe iClicker increases active learning in the classroom?
Or that 86% of students report that iClicker increases their confidence to participate in class?
For more stats on the positive impact iClicker is having in active learning classrooms, check out the results of Macmillan's Learning Science & Insights Team's research study!

 Active Learning Center

Screen shot of and link to the iClicker Active Learning webpage

The iClicker Active Learning Center offers find tips, tools, and resources on how to promote active learning in your classroom, including case studies, videos, whitepapers, and webinars.

Compare Cloud and Classic

Use iClicker Cloud | Use iClicker Classic



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