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  • iClicker - Changed the batteries but the remote is not working
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When the problem occurs after battery replacement it can almost always be traced to one of two things:

  1. Battery size: The batteries used for replacement are Duracell or sometimes a generic brand.

    Duracell (and some generic brand) batteries cause a problem in the device.  This appears to be due to differences between the dimensions on the inside of the remote and the positive terminal on the Duracell batteries that keep the two from making contact.

  2. Battery placement: Only two of the three batteries in the remote were actually replaced.

    The batteries make a very tight fit in the remote and so the third battery may get stuck at the top. The remote has to be tapped a bit in order to shake the last battery loose. For this reason many customers only see two batteries come out of the remote and so they only put two back in. The third battery is still dead or very weak and so customers still experience power problems not knowing that only two batteries were replaced. Remove all three batteries from the unit and replace them with three new batteries (don't reuse the batteries that just came out of the device).