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Using iClicker

While iClicker can be a beneficial tool for surveying the class anonymously, many instructors find great benefit in awarding points for responses collected during class. Since each clicker vote is connected to the remote ID that sent it, each student must register their remote ID that is listed on the bottom of the remote in order to receive credit for the vote. The remote ID can then be synchronized with the class roster. Once synchronized, the votes and associated points will be awarded to the student registered to the corresponding remote ID.

Class Rosters

A file containing the user ID and name for each student in the class must be created and saved in the MyCourse folder so that registered remote IDs can be matched to the roster. Class roster files can be created by downloading the class list from either Blackboard or My UAlbany. It is important to note the different roster formats required by different settings selected in the iClicker software. Please view/read the tutorial information.

Roll-call Registration

Registration of remote IDs can be conducted in class using the Roll Call feature of iClicker. This can be more useful for smaller class sizes and is generally not advisable for large classes.

Web Registration

The most efficient way to coordinate registration of remote IDs is for students to use the Web Registration option. This is recommended for large classes.

Students can now register their iClicker Remote within Blackboard. If your instructor has enabled this option, click "Register Your i>clicker Remote ID" on the Course Menu. Depending how your instructor set it up, you may have to click the “Tools Area” first.

Students can also link to the iClicker website and enter their user ID, name and remote ID in a web form. This data is saved in a database that can be synchronized with the class roster file using the iGrader software. The Web Registration process puts the responsibility upon the student to register their remote ID.

Using iClicker with Blackboard

Many instructors who award points for clicker responses opt to post these results through the Blackboard Grade Book. The iGrader software allows instructors to export student response data for the iClicker class session(s). The exported file can then be uploaded to the Blackboard Grade Book.

The new iClicker Integrate Wizard will streamline this process. Faculty can automatically download their class roster into the iClicker software and it also allows for one-click integration of iClicker polling data into the Blackboard Grade Center.

iClicker Setup Instructions

I. To get the following iClicker integrate files, contact Sue Barnes.

CMS Integrate Wizard.exe
CMS Integrate Wizard Libs Folder

Place these files in your iClicker Win or Mac Resources Folder.

II. How to enable the "Register Your iClicker Remote ID" in Blackboard

Under the Control Panel, click Customization

Click Tool Availability

Scroll down the page and check the box “Register Your iClicker Remote ID”

Click Submit

III. How to make the iClicker registration link available to students in Blackboard

Above the Course Menu, click the Add Menu Item Icon

Click Create Tool Link, and either link to the “Tools Area” or “Register Your i>clicker Remote ID”

Click Submit

IV. Set your course for iClicker integration

Open your iclicker Win or Mac Resources Folder

Open iclicker.exe

Click My Settings

On the CMS/Registration tab, click Blackboard Version 8 and above and click Set for Course

V. Start Polling

Click Start Session

Click the Green Arrow to start polling

Click the Red Circle to stop polling

X out of poll and X out of iClicker

Open your iclicker Win or Mac Resources Folder

Open igrader.exe

Choose your course

VI. Download the class roster

Open igrader.exe.  The first time you do so, it will warn you Blackboard Roster not found, and ask if you would like to download the roster.  Click Yes.

Choose your course.

In the bottom-right corner of the window, click Sync....

The first time you click Sync..., you will see a message asking if you would like to Confirm Roster Sync Option. Click Yes.

iGrader will ask you to Log in to your Course Management System.  Enter your username and password, and click Login.

Select your course, and click Import Student Roster from CMS.

iGrader should then say that you have successfully downloaded your roster. Click Exit, and then X out and restart iGrader to view the students and clicker registrations you imported.

Note: You can update the student roster and clicker registrations using the same steps. Any updates to the student roster and registered clickers will not be visible until you X out of iGrader and re-open it.

VII. Upload Scores

Click Export

Select session(s) to be exported and click Export.

Click OK

iGrader will confirm that the grades were exported, and ask if you “Would like us to Upload your campus score data now?"   Click Yes.

Log in to your CMS

Click Export i-clicker Scores to CMS

Grade(s) uploaded successfully to CMS Server. Click OK

Log in to Blackboard to see the grades successfully uploaded to the Grade Center.

Editing iGrader Points