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To access the University's wired network, your computer must be connected to an active network jack and be registered through the Network Registration process. If you move a previously registered computer to a new location or the computer has not been active on the network for more than 6 months, you may be prompted to register the computer again when you attempt to access the internet.


Only employees with Faculty/Staff status can log in to NetReg. Students can not register devices on the network.  

If you have any problem registering a computer in NetReg or need assistance with the process, please contact your Technology Coordinator.


  1. When your computer is connected in a location where it needs to be registered, open a web browser and the NetReg page will appear.
  2. Click the Enter button
  3. Log in using your NetID and password
  4. Read the information on the Quick Network Registration form and click Continue.
    • If the device is already registered, you will have or a list of devices registered to you
  5. Enter the following information on the "Machine Registration - Register a New Machine" form
    • Subnet: Choose the area in which the device is connected
    • Hostname: Enter the computer's name
      • Depending on the exact version of Windows that you have, do one of the following:

        • Open your Start menu, open Settings, select System, and select About on the lower left
        • Open your Start menu and search for "Control Panel", open Control Panel, and select System
        • On your keyboard, press the Windows key + Pause/Break

        This will open the System window to view basic information about your computer, including the Device Name, which is what you need for the Hostname field

      • Follow these steps:

        1. On your Mac, open the Apple menu > System Preferences
        2. Click Sharing
        3. The computer name for your Mac appears at the top of Sharing preferences
    • Mode: If you need to always have the same IP address, select static; if that does not matter, select dynamic
    • Hardware Address: Leave the value that is in there
    • Affiliation: Choose your department or support entity from the menu
  6. When finished entering information, click the Continue button
  7. A screen stating that the machine was added to the network should show with a list of all machines registered to the name.
  8. Close the browser window and wait for 5 minutes
    • NetReg runs in 5 minute cycles, so network access is not immediate
    • You may need to restart the device before it is granted a valid IP address and a connection to the network

Additional Information

Troubleshooting Wired Network Connection Issues

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.