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About the Service

Click here for an overview of the Wikis @ UAlbany service.

You can also add files (attachments) to your wiki pages.  Each file can be up to 60MB. 


Request a new wiki space
New wiki spaces are created with an expiration date no further than three years from creation.  As the expiration date approaches, ITS will contact the space owners to ask if the space is still needed. If so, a new expiration date can be selected, up to three years from that point.


Unlike other wiki spaces, instructional-use wikis expire at the end of each semester. You can choose to renew it then, but if you wish to continue using this space for another semester with new students, you will need to remove all of the past students' work first, or acquire written consent from each student. More information about this policy and a link to the student consent form is located at

Giving and Restricting Access

Request a guest account for an external user so you may grant view or edit permissions to him/her.

Basic Functions

Advanced Functions

Working with macros
Working with Attachments

Displaying a List of Attachments
Using Drag-and-Drop with Attachments