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  • WiFi Troubleshooting - WPA2-Enterprise not available
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When trying to connect to UAlbanyWiFi, some devices may fail to connect or not include the necessary option choices to configure the connection. In these cases, the wireless card does not have an option for the WPA2-Enterprise protocol.

If the wireless card does not have an option for WPA2-Enterprise (only WEP, Shared, Open, and/or WPA2-PSK), you may be unable to use UAlbanyWiFi. Some older devices or devices intended for home use only (e.g. some tablets and e-readers) do not support WPA2-Enterprise.


In some cases, there may be a firmware or driver upgrade applied in order to support WPA2-Enterprise. Check the manufacturer's website and install any driver or firmware upgrades available for the specific model card that you own. If no firmware or driver upgrade is available, you will need to upgrade your wireless card to a newer or different model that supports WPA2-Enterprise.

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