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Welcome New Students!   

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the University with a broad range of IT resources.   You will have a computing account and electronic credentials that will give you access to these IT services for the duration of your studies at the University at Albany.

  • MyUAlbany:  Enroll in classes, obtain your semester schedule, financial aid, housing and billing information, check your grades, update your contact information, learn about technology discounts, and more.
  • UAlbany Mail:  The University uses email as an official means of communication with students.  Messages from your instructors or the University will be sent to your UAlbany email address.
  • Blackboard::  Many courses include an online component using Blackboard; some courses are offered entirely online.  All students have access to the Blackboard Student Orientation.
  • WiUAlbany:  UAlbanyWiFi is the wireless signal that provides you with internet access while you are on campus.
  • Information Commons: Library resources and computers with a suite of academic and productivity software are available.
Getting Started is Easy!

1. Activate your account and set your password.

  • Go to MyUAlbany Welcome at and select UAlbany Password Set/Reset. 
  • To complete the Password Set, you must enter your SSN or AlbanyID, date of birth, and PIN. 
    • If you don't know your PIN, select Forgot your PIN? on the Password Set and follow the instructions.
    • Your AlbanyID was issued by the Admissions or Registrar's office, and may be listed on correspondence you received from the University.
  • Next, create a complex password and set the security questions for your account. 
  • When you successfully complete the steps, a confirmation message will display your NetID and the systems to which you are granted access.  Memorize your NetID as it is your username and will never change.
  • If the confirmation message states the password was set/reset for MyUAlbany and UNIX systems but was NOT set/reset for UAlbany Mail, you will only have access to MyUAlbany and not to your University email account.  Wait another four hours and then complete a password reset.  The confirmation message should then include the statement that the password was set/reset for UAlbany Mail.
  • If the confirmation message states there is an error with the NetID and does not mention the password being set/reset for any system, your account is not processed.  You  must wait until after 1pm on the next business day to complete the UAlbany Password Set/Reset.

2.  Log on to MyUAlbany using your NetID and password.

  • Go to  Select STUDENT LOG ON and when prompted, enter your NetID and password.  Follow the instructions to enter the MyUAlbany portal.
  • Within the MyUAlbany portal, select Email Address to obtain your UAlbany email address.  You should also verify your personal email address and information in your account, and update it whenever there are changes.
  • Proceed with any other tasks the University has instructed you to complete.
  • Always "Sign Out" of MyUAlbany and close all browser windows to protect your information.

3. If your password is set for UAlbany Mail, log in to your University email account.

  • The Password Set/Reset confirmation message must state that your UAlbany Mail password was set/reset and you must wait at least 15 minutes before attempting the log in process.  If you receive a message that your account is 'blocked', you did not wait long enough or you need to complete a password reset to confirm your password was set/reset for UAlbany Mail.
  • A link to UAlbany Mail can be found at and within the MyUAlbany portal. 
    • If you skipped step 2 or don't know your UAlbany Email Address, it can be found within the MyUAlbany portal.
  • Select UAlbany Mail.  Enter your NetID and password to access your mailbox using Outlook Web App (OWA).
    • The University's email system is hosted by Microsoft Office 365 for Education and provides a calendar and an address book with University contacts. 
  • Always "Sign Out" of UAlbany Mail and close all browser windows to protect your information.
  • Your mobile device can be used to access messages in your mailbox.
  • You can filter your messages using optional settings in your mailbox.