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  • Create a professional looking online photo album connected to your website
  • Share photos of your recent events and happenings



Ensure that all of the images you wish to include in your photo album have been imported to your PC hard drive from your digital camera.


Ensure that all of the images you wish to include in your photo album have been imported to your PC hard drive from your digital camera.

 The Web Album Generator software can be downloaded directly from the developer:

Open the Web Album Generator program from the start menu on your PC.
Click "add photos", and locate the photos you want to include in your new web photo album.  Highlight the files and click "open".  Images can be added from several different locations by repeating this step. 
Change the order of appearance by clicking "sort photos" and choosing one of the sorting options. 
Add a title and description to each photo easily by highlighting the filename in the "photographs" column and entering the desired information in the fields just below the image.  If any of your photos need to be rotated this can be completed at this time by highlighting the file name and clicking "rotate current photo".
Click "generate web album".  This opens the "Album Generation Wizard".
Enter a name for your new album, and any description you want to appear with your photos.  Click "next".

Choose which colors you want to use for the background and text elements in your album.  A preset color scheme can be chosen or you can choose each of your colors separately.  Click "next".

Customize your album's layout.  Choose from four different thumbnail sizes and/or change the number of rows and columns per page.  The accompanying diagram will display a preview of your page layout. You can also include a homepage link in this step.  If you wish to include a link to your homepage, click the box and enter your homepage URL.  Click "next".

The pages on which the images appear are customizable.  Choose a thumbnail navigation system, or a more simple arrows and index link system.  You can also choose to place the navigation bar on the top or bottom of the page.  This step also asks you to choose your image size.  Again, the changes are reflected in the preview on the left.  Click "next".

Choose a location for Web Album Generator to save the folder containing the documents that make up your new album.  A new folder can be created on your hard drive for this or you can use "my documents" or another folder in which you save files and other items.  Once you have chosen the correct folder, click "finish".  Web Album Generator will create a folder containing all of the images, thumbnails and documents that form your album.  This folder will have the same name as your album, and is ready to be uploaded to the web. 
Open the SSH Secure File Transfer Client, and connect to "".  Sign in using your NetID and password.  Open your department's web directory on the right side of the window.  Find the folder containing your new album's contents on the left side.  Right click on this folder, and click "upload". Once the upload process is complete, you can access your album online at the URL found in the address bar at the top.