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Quick tips

  • Default  temporary Voicemail pin: 1 + five digit extension. E.g. the password for (518) 442-1234 would be "121234."
  • Mailbox ID: Your 5 digit extension number
  • Voicemail box locked? It will automatically unlock in 1 hour.
  • New Employees assigned to a new or existing phone will automatically be assigned a new voicemail box.
  • Voicemail boxes will not be automatically assigned to phone lines not assigned to a person (Such as lab phones, vacant, GA/SA, or some main lines) unless specifically requested.

Initial Setup:

  1. Press the message button  or dial 23305 from your University issued phone
  2. Password:  (1+your 5 digit extension) then the # key
  3. Follow the prompts to record your name, greeting, and a personal PIN (Minimum of 6 digits)
  4. If needed, you can submit a service desk request to ITS to have your  Voicemail PIN reset: 

Change your voicemail PIN (Password) from your computer:

This application does not work in Internet Explorer browser.

You will need a University network or VPN network connection to access the CISCO Self Care portal.

  1. From a computer, log in to the Web Inbox portal with your NetID and password:
  2. Select the Settings button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  
  3. Click Change PIN on the Passwords drop down tab in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  4. Enter a numeric PIN with a minimum of 6 digits, and click  "save".

To retrieve your voicemail:

From Your Extension:

  1. Press the message button OR dial 23305 
  2. Enter your password

Press [*] whenever you wish to:

  • Cancel what you are doing
  • Back up to previous menu
  • Erase and re-record

Press [#] whenever you wish to:

  • Complete/confirm a step
  • Fast-forward to the end of a message you're playing
  • Send a message to another mailbox on the system

From the Jabber Desktop App:


Any messages read or deleted in Jabber are automatically marked as read or deleted on your phone and vice versa. Marking voicemail notification emails as read automatically updates Jabber and your phone, and deleting or moving emails to a different folder outside your inbox deletes your voicemail from your phone and Jabber.

  1. Click on the "Voicemail" tab on the left side of the interface: 
  2. Click on "Call voicemail" for additional settings

Voicemail Email notification:

  • Voicemail comes as an attachment to an email. 

From a different phone on campus: 

  1. Press the message button OR dial 23305 

  2. Press * 
  3. Enter 5 digit extension, press #
  4. Enter password, press #


  • Personal greeting length: 90 seconds
  • Maximum amount of messages: 42 minutes  
  • Full integration between Jabber app, voicemail email notifications, and voicemails on phone extensions assigned to an employee. 
  • Employees with more than one extension can have a voicemail box shared between extensions

Types of voicemail greetings:

  1. Standard - This greeting plays all of the times unless another greeting overrides it. By design, the standard greeting cannot be turned off, but can be overridden by other greetings
  2. Alternate - Allows callers to leave messages, but gives them a separate greeting, which you can schedule to occur for a set period of time. Turn on this greeting for a specific time period when you want to provide information about special circumstances, such as when you are on vacation. (For example, "I will be out of the office until <date>.") When it is on, the alternate greeting overrides standard greeting.