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"The date(s) you requested violates your last allowed booking date"The date and time you have selected is not permitted for that venue for whatever reason. Review their booking rules. For example: student organization events/meetings are not permitted after the last day of classes each semester
"Request violates building hours"You may be selecting hours in the shaded area of the Time Grid next to the room or space you are selecting.  if not return to the INFO tab for that venue and compare the times you had selected with what is permissible. There may be dates the space is unavailable. Dates that are configured as closed are displayed in red on the Calendar tab and dates that are holidays are displayed in green on the Calendar tab.
"No space available matching your criteria"No rooms to accommodate the selected set-up type, or you moved the date and tried to book without the requisite number of days notice, or resources you selected are not available in that space (A/V, certain accessories) Bottom Line: there is a conflict status on this booking.
"Room type is too small for the number of people"Select a different space.
"Request would create a conflict with another booking"The room you have selected is already booked. Select a different space and/or change date/times.
"There is more than one user records that matches the supplied user id."A manually created account is in conflict with one fed into system via automation.  Please submit a Service Desk request by selecting one the options available here.
The room I want to schedule appears to be available under "Browse" but when I try to schedule it, it cannot be requested.There may be a scheduling policy in the specific building that prevents scheduling the space.  Some buildings are not available on weekends, holidays or evenings.  Examples of constraints include but are no means limited to: the Athletic Facilities require at least 7 business days advance notice, academic space managed by the Registrar require a minimum of 2 business days and student organization events/meetings are not permitted after the last day of classes each semester.
When I use the Browse feature I don’t see the building/space I want.Make sure you are logged into the system (your name will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen). Although this option is available  to the public, not all buildings are available for view unless you do so. If you are logged in and still don't see the building you want, under "Browse," select "Browse for Space," then click "Filter" on the far right side of the screen. When the dialog box opens enter the date and use the "Facilities" drop-down menu to view buildings. Select your desired facility/building and click "Apply" to see availability.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.