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  • Video Capture Room Operation Procedures
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Getting started

  • To begin the recording process, insert your flash drive (formatted for FAT32) into the USB slot on the front of the Crestron Capture HD. In a few seconds, the Crestron Capture HD will read your flash drive.

  • Audio is recorded with the overhead shotgun microphone. There is no need to make any microphone adjustments.

  • The Crestron touch panel is used to control the Capture HD. Press on the touch panel screen to access the main controls page.

Display Controls

  • Display Controls allows you to turn the TV on and off. The exit button will return you to the Logo page and shut off the TV.

Switching Controls

  • Switching Controls allows you to choose a source to display on the TV. The sources are:
    • Windows PC with Adobe Creative Cloud installed for video editing.
    • Apple iMac with Final Cut Pro installed for video editing.
    • Crestron CaptureHD for video recording.
    • One Button Studio

Capture HD Controls

  • The Capture HD controls allow you to start, pause and stop recording. The red light on the front Capture HD will be lit when a recording is in process. When you are finished recording, please allow a few seconds for the information to be stored onto the flash drive before removing it. The Exit button will take you back to the Logo page.

Layout Options

  • There are different layouts for how your video can appear:
    • Full
    • Side-by-Side
    • PIP (Picture-In-Picture)

  • Full - best for PowerPoint

  • Side by Side - best for dual presentations

  • PIP

  • Swap

Camera Controls

  • Camera controls allows you to zoom in and out change the camera position. You can move the camera left and right and up and down.

Help Contact

  • If you should need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk office at 518-442-3700 or email