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  • VPN with Duo Testing Instructions
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  1. In order to test the new VPN configuration that requires Duo, please open GlobalProtect.

  2. Select the cog or 3 bars in the top right-hand corner and then select Settings.

  3. Select the Add at the bottom of the window.

  4. Enter "" and select Save.  Then Close (X) out of this window.

  5. Now that the new VPN portal has been added, open GlobalProtect and select the at the bottom of the Global Protect App.  Select Connect if it does not auto Connect.

  6. The standard log in page (below) should pop up.  Log in.

  7. Once you have successfully connected, verify that you can connect to the following:

    1. Access a Shared Folder, such as your U-Drive.
      1. If you do not already have a drive mapped, go to Map to a Shared Folder for instructions.  drive: \\lincoln\its\common area
    2. Make sure you can access via your web-browser.
    3. Remote into your desktop at work, if possible.
  8. Report on your test experience using this form.

  9. Once you have completed testing, please access Global Protect Settings and delete ""

  10. Please contact Bry-Ann Yates via Teams with questions.